11/25/2019 5:30:35 PM

EAGAN, MN, November 24 — AirCo LLC, a provider of commercial aircraft parts and inventory solutions, has acquired a Boeing 737-700 (mfg. date December 2001) for teardown. All major airframe parts will be available for sale from this aircraft. This acquisition furthers AirCo’s strategy to provide continuous support of airframe materials to our customers in the Boeing 737 community.  This 737-700 comes from a US Operator with 121 trace. Teardown will be performed by AirCo’s sister company, Jet Yard, located in Marana, AZ, and is expected to begin immediately. AirCo and Jet Yard are part of the Stratus Aero Partners family of companies. For more information on this aircraft inventory, please contact AirCo’s sales team at AirCo LLC is a committed provider of commercial aircraft parts and inventory solutions focused on personalized inventory solutions and high-quality parts sales. AirCo is based in Eagan, MN. Stratus Aero Partners is a global aftermarket solutions provider, providing complete life-cycle management for all types of aircraft. Through our five independent business units, our goal is to work together to deliver comprehensive parts and service solutions for our customers and become the new industry standard for service and quality. Stratus Aero Partners is an Air T company.

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